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Chocolab the quality partner

T he growing experience of Andrea De Palma and his staff during this latest years created a specific international request of handmade chocolate products. That’s why the export division “Chocolab” of Vecchia Brianza is born, an high quality partner, attentive and accurate in the chocolate productions. The goal is to reach a focused target of international business partners that want to increase their own proposal with exclusive products.

The standard productive process gives the possibility to suppliers and guarantees to their clients to propose a unique product of high quality, creating a great business opportunity to expand the product list with an added value for the own business.

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Old tools

O ld tools, work instruments, screws, bolts…. and so forth! It looks like an old hardware store, but no! It’s simply Vecchia Brianza: a wonderful chocolate shop! Several old tools handmade with the finest chocolate garnished with cocoa, silver and gold decorations.


D elicious little bags and shoes with classical, modern and fashion style like the studded bag, the makeup palettes, watches and many others accessories. Is this a fashion boutique? No! They are simply amazing sweets creations handmade with the purest chocolate with a great attention to details to create a special and unique product to taste!


A slice of emmenthal and one salami please…” I would ask for! Even the most attentive eye could be misled by the tempting creations with white, milk and dark chocolate. Reproduced, decorated and packaged as real cold meats and as real slice of cheese, these chocolates are the perfect and the funniest gift for chocolate and food lovers.

ferri vecchi di cioccolato

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